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Blackbird nest

Near my greenhouse there where some blackbirds making a nest we saw the the male and the female getting twigs from my front garden. But before they could lay anyou eggs our pet chickens had frightened them off

Finding some blackbirds chicks!!!!

In my graden when I was helping cut the grass and there was a small nest of blackbirds they where not the youngest but they where about to fledge the nest but 1 did start to walk off and me and my mum had to chase the chick back to the nest as it had run in to the road.

Helpig the black birds

I was letting in my dad friend when i looked out side there was 2 blackbirds fightig on our lawn. Really 1 got stuck on some netting in our garden which we use to stop our chickens from scratcing it up. When i went over it turned out one had got super stuck and I helped be set free back in to the wild and when went back inside i felt really jolly and felt like i had saved the life of a black bird on of my favourite birds.

Mouse outside my house

Today when I looked out side i found there was a tiny feild mouse right outside the front door it was quite young as it wasn't that big but everytime i tryed to take a pitchure it hid under my boots

newty garden

as i live by a feild there is many toads and newts that come onto our garden as it is quite damp but as me and mum where digging a trench for our potatos to b e planted my mum was about to put the spade in to the bed i fould there was a newt right where the newt was so i shouted stop to my mum from digging i grabbed the newt a placed it in a different part of the garden so it wouldnt get harmed of eaten my my newt eating pet chicken.

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