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My Nature Diary

Week 6 of my nature study

Counted 80 ladybirds today - 70 Harlequins and the rest native species (or so I'm told). Also spotted honeybees, wasps, ants, a daddy long-legs, 1 black and white zebra striped fly with brown eyes, a yellow thin fly like an ear of corn, 1 immature green shield bug, 1 forest bug, 1 Comma butterfly and 1 Large White butterfly.

My miniature garden for wildlife

I competed in my local Allotment & Leisure Annual Show in the children's categories and submitted a miniature garden inspired by The Wildlife Trust and RSPB showing different ideas of how to make a garden friendly for wildlife. It was hard making things small but I managed to put in a log pile for insects; a pebble staircase in the pond to let wildlife in and out; a hedgehog 'door' in the fence; a bird bath & feeder; flowers for bees; a rainwater collection system from the shed; and a 'wild' area of long grasses and trees.

My entry came in 3rd place too!

Got my Green Blue Peter Badge!

Today was a VERY exciting day because in the post was my Green Blue Peter Badge. I was so surprised to get it! They liked my '10 Acts for Wildlife' Challenge. You can take part in the challenge if you like here: www.dropbox.com

Nature Record

I've being doing a 6 week nature journal of the verges in my nearby council field/park towards my Kestrel Award. I've seen so much wildlife each week including ladybirds, bees, hoverflies, butterflies and beetles; and learning a lot about different kinds of grasses and plants. I was amazed seeing a Broad Leafed Lime covered in bees and finding out about drone flies that look like bees!

Butterfly Count

I took part in the Big Butterfly Count this year and spotted lots of lovely butterflies including Large Whites, Small Whites, Green Veined Whites, Common Blues, Meadow Browns, Gatekeepers, Peacocks, Commas and Small Coppers.

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