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We are on hoilday in Dorest at the moment by the the sea side.We have been down to the beach in Swanage a few time times doing eco-friendly crabing, and looking out for fish in the evening. Seeing a few mackeral well we think.

I have allso made an effort to try my best to use paper straws and not plastic ones. My mum has allso been buying glass jars of salad cream in stead of a plastic bottle.

dragon flies

Not been doing much lately but on Friday 27th i did see four beautiful and massive dragon flies.

Plastic free july

I am taking part in plastic free July this year. It all about using less plastic.

Butterfly feeder

Today i made a butterfly feeder. I used the activity sheet to make it. ( this activity sheet is on the wildlife watch website.) It has been attracting butterfly because of the sweet smell. The food is water mixed with sugar, then i covered a pieces of cotton wool with it and putting it into the feeder.

Grass hopper

Today, my dad saw a grass hopper on the path while he was at work. Here's a picture of it.

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