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Getting ready for Autumn

I'll keep you updated on my preparations.
Watch my page!
I did not copy any methods for the things I've made so far.

Getting ready for Autumn

My garden patch now has a (tiny) pond. Here's how I made it.

Required: spade, water, large tub, stones.
1. Find a patch of garden Dad isn't too fussy about. I used my own plot, by the front drive.
2. Using your spade, dig a hole that will fit your tub in. It doesn't have to be exact.
3. Put the tub in the hole, scrape the earth back down around it so that there are no gaps around the tub.
4. Place stones all around the edges. I used blue slate.
5.Fill it with water. If you want, you can plant grass round the edge.

Getting ready for Autumn

My garden patch now has a hedgehog home!
I'm stuffing it with leaves.


Sunday evening, half past eight, and i'm playing with the dog in the garden. Suddenly there are bats swooping all around us! How cool! They are pretty big ones, too!


the birds are singing
bells are ringing
happiness is all around
in this happy joyful sound.

Happy, happy is me
oh, I feel so light and free
lovely day for going out
and seeing nature all about.

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