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Wildlife watch make bug hotels!

Hi All,
Next week (saturday 14th october) we'll be meeting at dale fort to make bug hotels. Everyone will get to make one to take home!
Come along and do your bit for nature this autumn!

Wildlife Watch

Hello folks!

This months Wildlife Watch activity will be crabbing in Dale Village! So if you want to learn the difference between male and female crabs, and learn about their general biology then come on down to Dale pontoon at 10am on Saturday the 9th of July! We will provide all the equipment but it is always good to bring money for an icecream! Hope to see you there!

Beach combing.

Hi Guys!

This coming Saturday (the 12th) we will be heading down to castle beach for a beach combing/cleaning event. Lots of interesting stuff gets washed up on the beach, unfortunately this also means that a lot of plastic and other rubbish gets washed up there too! So, on Saturday we will be meeting at the fort at 10am and heading down to the beach shortly after. As well as looking out for interesting things that have washed ashore we will also be giving the beach a good clean too! The beach is just a few minutes walk away, but make sure to bring good footwear (trainers, boots or wellies) and a warm jumper or coat. See you on Saturday!


On Castle beach and Jetty beach for a good old fashioned fossick

Catching Plankton

Some of the guys went out on the Dale Fort boat with a special plankton net to catch plankton which we identified under a microscope.

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