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Autumn with Brambly Hedge

Autumn is a very important time for the mice of Brambly Hedge as they harvest and gather as many nuts, seeds, berries and fruits that they can to store for the long winter months.

The nuts in particular are very valuable because they can be ground in to flour for baking, and their oil can be extracted for making cooking oil. The oil can even be used to polish the wooden cabinets, tables and dressers that are found in their houses!

Fruits can be dried, cooked or preserved, and the shelves of the Store Stump become lined with jams, jellies, syrups and wines. They even make coffee from acorns or dandelion roots that have been roasted and ground.

The hedge itself is boasts the most fantastic display of colour as Autumn progresses. The leaves turn to rich reds and oranges, which are highlighted by the cool misty mornings and low autumn sunshine. As the trees and bushes start to prepare themselves for their long winter sleep, the days start to get a little shorter, and the nights a little longer.

To celebrate the wonder of Autumn, we want you to create a picture using leaf rubbings. It can be as simple or as complex as you like, and can be in plain pencil or in colour. Incorporate somewhere in to the picture what you love most about Autumn. Head to our competition page for your chance to win a copy of Autumn Story!