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Alford Watch Group sea dipping Alford Watch Group sea dipping Credits: Margot Charlton

Watch Day Out at Anderby Creek

Sunday 16th July

11am to approx 3.30pm

A day of strand-line scavenger hunts, push netting and much more!

For you and your friends.

Bring your own picnic, drinks and refreshments.

As we hope to be “push-netting” in the sea, please bring shoes you can wear in the water – no bare foot paddling in case weever fish (who have poisonous spines) are lurking in the sand.

Remember we will be outside all day with very little cover. Come prepared to be exposed to the elements, whatever the weather throws at us (heat, sunshine, rain, hail, gales…).

 As it is summer, and a public beach, we will have a checking-in point. Look out for the Wildlife Watch banners.

If you can only make half a day, please let us know on booking and check out with a leader on the day.

BOOKING ESSENTIAL. Include names, numbers and ages of people coming.

* Include a mobile number if possible.

Please book by Thursday 13th July if you can.

For more information and to book from:

Mary Porter 07909 925419 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Children are usually 6 to 14 years old and come with an accompanying parent or guardian.




More about Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

Wildlife Watch and education services 


The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust  has twelve Wildlife Watch groups run by local volunteers, supported by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust’s Wildlife Watch Organiser. There are also around 20 Affiliated School groups. Any age group of school is welcome to join.


In addition to Watch, there are education officers and facilities based at Whisby Nature Park, near Lincoln, Far Ings NNR on the south Humber Bank and at Gibraltar Point NNR near Skegness. These run a wide range of sessions, from toddlers to primary to secondary, college and beyond. Subjects cover a wide range of learning objectives.   More information on sessions and how to book can be found on the Education section of the Trust’s website:

The Trust runs a wide ranging events programme for all age groups and abilities, ranging from pond dipping to adult training courses.


The Watch groups are based around the following areas:


Alford, Bourne,Limewoods (based at Chambers Farm Wood, near Wragby),  Rimac (based at Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe) Far Ings, Grimsby and Cleethorpes, Whisby Nature Park, West Kesteven (based around Welbourn), Spalding, and Stamford.


More information can be obtained from the Watch Organiser at Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust HQ:  Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, Banovallum House, Manor House Street, Horncastle, Lincs, LN9 5HF.  Tel: 01507 526667.  Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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