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Mouse outside my house

Today when I looked out side i found there was a tiny feild mouse right outside the front door it was quite young as it wasn't that big but everytime i tryed to take a pitchure it hid under my boots

newty garden

as i live by a feild there is many toads and newts that come onto our garden as it is quite damp but as me and mum where digging a trench for our potatos to b e planted my mum was about to put the spade in to the bed i fould there was a newt right where the newt was so i shouted stop to my mum from digging i grabbed the newt a placed it in a different part of the garden so it wouldnt get harmed of eaten my my newt eating pet chicken.


when me and my mum went out to take photos by a canal we saw a heron eating a huge eel. When the heron had eaten the eel we started to walk up to it i got 2 meters away it flew up the canal and started to go fishing again. once when it flew off and i got a lovely picture of it as it started to fly away from us

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