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Making Fat Balls

My mum found a recipe from the RSPB and gathered together some of the coconut shells from feeders the birds had already gobbled up. The recipe was really just lard, seeds, grated cheese and raisins, though I didn't put any raisins in because I didn't want them to fall to the ground and our dog eat them. Raisins aren't that good for dogs. I mushed all the mixture into the coconut shells and we hung them up. The Starlings and the Blackbirds seemed to like it a lot but the fat all plopped out because it got too hot!! I think I'll try again in the winter and just put out seed for now.

A home for a Bumblebee

My mum downloaded the activity sheet from the Wildlife Trusts to make a bumblebee home. We had a chipped terracotta pot that seemed perfect to use and had pulled lots of grass out of our front garden to make room for plants. I hope the bees will use it!

The Bees in my garden

Today I planted three wild flower blankets which had loads of seeds in a biodegradable roll. I hope that they produce lots of flowers that the bees love! We have quite a lot of bees visit the garden. They like the Campanula, Salvia, Honeysuckle and Wisteria. Here are some of the bees I've seen in the garden:
Banded White Tailed Bumblebee
Early Bumblebee
Red Tailed Black Bumblebee
Brown Carder Bees
As well as seeing these I have seen Honeybees. My favourite is the Banded White Tailed Bumblebee.

My Nature Reserve

I did the nature reserve activity sheet last year and have enjoyed watching what plants have self-seeded. Here it is in the evening sunlight.

I held a Cockchafer

I went to Bodnant gardens in North Wales and saw lots of amazing creatures. Whilst we ate our lunch a robin came so close to us! But most importantly my mum just stopped herself stepping on a large bronze coloured bug and someone told us it was a Cockchafer. I was brave enough to hold it too.