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My 10 Acts of Kindness for Wildlife

As part of #30DaysWild I challenged myself to do 10 acts of Kindness for Wildlife this June. My mum and I made some challenge cards with 16 different options to choose from - you can download them here if you want: www.dropbox.com
My acts:
1. Feed the Birds
2. Make a low chemical, organic pesticide
3. Grow our own (fruit & herbs so far)
4. Make an ecobrick
5. Make a home for wildlife (I chose to make a bumblebee home)
6. Pick up litter
7. Make 1 swap to plastic-free
8. Change to a more ethical toilet roll
9. Plant seeds for bees & butterflies
10. Choose to walk instead of the car (walked to and from school most days this month)
These seem like little, easy things to do, but each one is making a small, important difference to wildlife.

The Great British Bee Count

I've been doing the Great British Bee Count for Friends of the Earth (friendsoftheearth.uk and my mum downloaded the app on her phone so we could photograph and identify the bees we see. I don't think I knew there were so many different kinds of bees! We've counted over 50 so far. Here are some we snapped from our garden...

Protecting our Wild Verges

I decided to write to my local MP because they cut our verges about a month ago and some pretty flowers were lost. Here is my email:

Dear Mr Lucas,

My name is [Whisk_elas] and I am 8yrs old. I go to [xx school] and live on [xx street]. Everyday we walk to school past the grass verges on both sides of the Railway bridge on [xx] Road and by the junction near Total Fitness. I love seeing the grass grow and all the pretty flowers, even if there's a lot of dandelions. Today I saw the following wild flowers (I took pictures of them and my Mum has attached them):
1. Pink Achillea
2. Green Alkanet - but it has blue flowers
3. Pink Mallow
4. Yellow Meadow vetch
5. Bright orange hawkweed that look like mini dandelions
6. Three red poppies
7. Red (but it looks pink) and White clover which the bees seem to love
I love spotting the flowers and there were others before a month ago when the grass was cut. Does the grass need to be cut? plantlife.love-wildflowers.org.uk say it would be great if we didn't cut verges until the middle of July so we give all our flowers a chance to seed. I know that means a lot of dandelions but it might give these other flowers a chance too. They also suggest that grass cuttings are collected or moved to one side because it makes the ground too rich and that leads to more of one type of plant than lots of different kinds.
What do you think? I don't want the grass to be cut too soon.

Urban wildflowers

On the way to school there are some verges that are allowed (mostly) to grow wild. They'e mostly grass and dandelions but I like spotting the more unusual wildflowers. Here are some of the flowers I've seen:
There are also orange hawkweed, yellow meadow vetch, Green Alkanet with its little blue flowers in addition to all the clover (red & white).

My postcard to Theresa May

In the Summer magazine from The Wildlife Trusts it suggested we colour in and send in a postcard to the Prime Minister to say why we want her to make decisions that protect our sea. I said that my favourite animal is a dolphin and I'd be so sad if they didn't visit our country anymore because we weren't looking after the sea. If you would like to send a postcard too you can get them here: wildlifewatch.org.uk but please send before 30th September 2018.

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