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baby ducklings / cucumbers

at nanny's house there has been a duck nest with fourteen eggs and a few days ago they hatched all fourteen there are no yellow ones they are all black and yellow and a coupled are just black there mummy is a mallard and she does not have a male partner they have waddled away now but they keep coming back to visit hopefully in a couple of years the baby ducklings will lay there eggs in nanny's garden . a few weeks ago I planted some cucumbers and they have shot up recently and are very tall there are still some more to come up yet so hopefully they will all grow and all be planted.

Duck nesting and cherry tomatoes

At nannys house we went on a walk around the garden to see if there was any duck nests and we found one near the car port in a bush it was a male mallard sitting on the feathered nest wether there were eggs or not I am still not sure but there is a nest and hopefully we'll be getting baby ducklings in the garden soon. Last week we planted tomatoes and the cherry toms have grown or atleast some of them what is really fantastic because I was not really sure if they would grow but they have so that is great

Red alert tomatoes , cherry tomatoes and purple runner beans

At nanny state house we planted two types of tomatoes one type is called cherry tomatoes and the other type is called red alert they were very small seeds so we had to sprinkle them over the soil and cover them up we did the same withe the other type. We also planted purple runner beans what were a lot more easy than the tomatoes because of there size we hope that these will grow because these will go on my patch and climb up some wigwams we have other beans that we May grow including runner beans , yellow beans and climbing beans

Cucumbers, cucemelons , nasturtiums

I've planted lots of things but one thing I've grown has been cucumbers what will grow in pots and then will go in the green house and climb up some wire we will let them grow all over the windows and when they are quite big we will pick them every year they have been successful . We grew some cucemelons a couple of months ago in heated trays and they have grown very quick so we potted some of them up but only the ones that were tall and then Weill put them by a frame and let them climb. Last week we grew some nasturtiums and they have shot up so quick they are already around 5 cm tall we will later plant them by the wall.

Garlic and nasturtiums and bush

Been outside at nannys and been surprised how much the garlic has grown it is very tall and all have grown except one this is not the only thing has succeeded we re tried the nasturtiums and they are starting to shoot up very quickly because we only planted them last week there are about seven up and hopefully more will come up very soon we also planted a bush two days ago near my patch what I bought at downtown garden centre what looks very nice were I decided to put it we also bought some other plants what are called geraniums , begonias , marigolds and antirrhinum what we are yet to still plant.

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