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Plastic free july

I am taking part in plastic free July this year. It all about using less plastic.

Butterfly feeder

Today i made a butterfly feeder. I used the activity sheet to make it. ( this activity sheet is on the wildlife watch website.) It has been attracting butterfly because of the sweet smell. The food is water mixed with sugar, then i covered a pieces of cotton wool with it and putting it into the feeder.

Grass hopper

Today, my dad saw a grass hopper on the path while he was at work. Here's a picture of it.

puzzle wood

We when to puzzle wood a few days a ago. It was amazing! When we sat down to have a bite to eat (in the woods) a robin came over and hopped around our feet. It got so close to use it almost touch our feet. It stay there for about 5 or 6 minutes. when we moved or when close the robin just came close. i was so amazed by it all. Look at some of the pictures.

moth and dragon fly

Yesterday, we saw a beautiful Moth in our house (It was there for a very long time) But today there was a dragon fly just by the door. We got really close to it and it did not fly away. it was incredible! After we took a photo, we when away again but kept watching. After a while the moth moth we saw yesterday flow in and landed by the dragon fly.

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