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Sedge warbler singing!

Look at this epic pic I took!
It's a bit blurry but it was far away so...

Swallows and sedge warblers!!!

Today we went on a really long cycle ride and saw loads of birds!
I'll post all pics I took above!
We saw=
Sedge Warblers
1 (possibly corn) bunting!
A lapwing sitting on it's nest
loads of finches and tits
It was EPIC!

Mossy ground at College Woods

This is another pic from the wood.

Also check out my sister Deerenis's blog!

Another shot of the warbler

This is a pic of a warbler, it could be a chiffchaff or a willow warbler, we're not sure, it didn't sing.

Picture from College Woods

This is a pic of the track we went down into the wood