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Squirrel mania!

At the moment there are a lot of squirrels near my garden. Looking out of my window I saw three of them in a tree next door. They seem to have a nest there which is called a drey. I also saw one when I went to Speke Hall last weekend.

Squirrel sighting!

this morning i saw a squirrel right next to our patio door! there are about 3 of them around at the moment burying nuts in our lawn. i also saw a blackbird.

my garden widlife

At home I have quite a big garden. We have bird feeders and seed, also fatballs. We try over the winter to encourage birds into our garden. We get little species like robins,lots of pigeons and in the autumn we get squirrels who dig up the lawn to bury nuts. We also used to get visited by a mole who dug molehills all over the lawn!

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