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10-17th April 2017

Here are my latest wildlife adventures for this week.
10th April
We put out more seed today and filled the water bath up. We have seen Magpies,Starlings,Blackbirds and wood pigeons amongst others.
11th April - Lots of hoverflies and various buzzing insects. I have sent some photos to Dr Rob Fowler at Sussex University for identification. There have been lots of birds taking the seed today.
12th April - Lots of birds again attracted to the seed area - Wood Pigeons,Blackbirds,Goldfinches and a pair of Blue Tits.
14th April - Small White butterflies are beginning to appear. There have been numerous bids to the garden today. While out today saw a very unusually coloured Feral Pigeon-White with black and brown blotches.
15th April - It was a very quiet strandline on the coast today - hardly any seabirds around either. Our regular pair of Wood Pigeons visited the back garden as they do now most days.
16th April - Been on the beach again today - once again very little on the strandline but plenty of seabirds including Sanderlings.
17th April - Volunteered again at Gibraltar Point Nature reserve and went bird watching in my break. Some of the birds we saw included Little Egrets, Jackdaws, Terns, Little Ringed Plover, 4 ducks, 2 Marsh Harriers. Other birds that were seen there today included Willow Warblers, Sedge Warblers, Firecrest, Blackcaps and more. There were also more dead nettles, Stinging Nettles, Dandelions and grasses.
On the way home we saw Pheasants, Magpies and a Kestrel.

Heres to next week.

The last few days-wildlife action packed

My last few days have been very busy with wildlife as usual. I am currently featured in Lapwings - the latest edition. More exciting I have a big feature in this months online New Nature magazine-pages 31-32.
4th April.- We identified a Hedge Sparrow in our garden. The latin name is Prunella Modularis. I have signed up to do the Pollinator abundance project 2017 with Sussex University. We have watched a pair of Blackbirds at the seed tray-one male and 1 female.The male fanning feathers at female 17.45pm. Lots of cooing heard from Wood Pigeons.
5th April - Here are some of the birds seen today - Magies,Various Gulls,Blackbirds all in the garden but not many sea birds on the coast.
6th April - Grey seal callout.
7th April Sad news locally- 2 dead seals and a dead catshark.Not nice so wont put pictures up.
8th April - Shells,seagulls on the coast-warm weather today. I feature today on facebook Cultivation street. I am very happy with so much coverage. Lots of Peacock butterflies seen today - all our numbers are being recorded by the County Butterfly recorder.
9th April - Really warm today - 22 degrees. Lots of buzzing insects including some very large bees. A pair of Goldfinches have again been seen and our hedge sparrow has returned again.
On the beach many tiny black insects.

This weeks wildlife 29th March-3/4/2017

Over the last few days wildlife has been everywhere.

29th March - I saw my first Red Admiral butterfly.

30th March - We have seen plenty of Small Tortoiseshell and Peacock butterflies.
Whilst on the beach today we found a Spotted Ray Egg case,saw Starfish and watched Sanderlings running about on the tide.
Meanwhile back in the garden we watched Wood Pigeons using the bird bath fairly frequently.

31st March. We were at Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve. We have seen many birds including some identified for us as Redwings.

1st April - The Wood Pigeons are back in the garden making frequent visits to the bird bath again. We have also seen a Spotted Flycatcher and a Song Thrush. We were awarded RSPB Bronze award in their Wild Challenge. If you have not done it yet-give it a go!

2ND April - We have watched many birds on the tideline today including Swans. Around the garden we have seen a Collared Dove - the first this year, Wood Pigeons, Sparrows and Starlings. We have started on our RSPB Silver Challenge.

3rd April - We saw two Blue Tits at 9am in the garden-the first for this year. A knot seabird was seen on the tide area at the beach as well as a Ringed Plover.
Several Tortoiseshell Butterflies and a Goldfinch were spotted today. Its been great watching our frequent visitors - the Wood Pigeons eating the seed we have left out and playing in the bird bath too.

This weeks wildlife! [22nd-28th March 17]

22nd- Weather was overcast and then very wet. Lots of birds singing.
24th- Turned warm today. Have seen magpies,wood pigeons,several bees and hoverflies.
25th- Really warm again today. Plenty of seabirds on the coast. I have topped up the water and bird seed in the garden. Some of the birds seen include Magpies,wood pigeons and blackbirds as well as sparrows and jackdaws.
26th- Again,lots of birds in the garden-Starlings,Blackbirds,Wood pigeons. By the coast we also saw Starlings,Gulls and Wagtails.
28th- Lots of bird activity. Crows,Wood Pigeons,Starlings were seen. Our lilac tree has flower buds. Daffodils,Hyacinths and Muscari are all now flowering. Roses are in full leaf. About 300 Starlings landed on the field next to our home and plenty of Magpies have also been seen.

This weeks updates 15-21 March 2017

15th March - Over the last 2 days lots of hoverflies and butterflies began to appear in the garden due to the warming weather. A Queen Bee was seen drying her wings on a windowsill.
16th March - We spent time on the beach and watched lots of various types of Gulls. It was a very gentle tide. We did not spot any cetaceans though. Many more small tortoiseshell butterflies were noticed today. The birds were still singing at 6.45pm.
18th March - Many more birds around again today and on the beach we watched the Sanderlings running along the tide despite the sea being rougher than it has been.
19th March - We watched a Blackbird playing in our bird bath and then jumping down to eat the seed we had put down. It would then return to play in the bird bath.
We have also seen our 1st Peacock butterfly.
20th March - Today we were lucky enough to see a rare bird at Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve. It was sitting on a branch at the edge of the lake. I have never seen one before. I told Kevin and Richard-wardens on site about what I had seen.
There was a stranded porpoise today at Ingoldmells. The best news is that Natureland saved it and it swam off back to sea..Well done everyone.!! As a volunteer I attended a presentation by the main warden Kevin at Gibraltar Point and found it very interesting. One of the interest points was about the Sea Aster Mining Bee that is sometimes found there. It was interesting to learn about the Little Tern lifeplus project. Ian told everyone about the Herring spawning just off the coast in October and how the numbers of Sand Eels were also increasing.We also got to hear lots more.
All the butterflies seen recently have been detailed to the Butterfly Conservation County recorder.