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putting up bird feeders

I always put up bird feeders in my Granny's garden though I can't put any in my garden because it will etract rats and mice and they would start eating my guinea pigs food .In my Granny's garden it takes quite a bit of time because I need to climb a tree which has the bird feeders in it .My Granny puts the bird feeders in the tree so that the birds can hide at the same time as eating . When I feed the birds i have to climb the tree and get the bird feeders down as soon as I do that, the birds start tweeting . Then I have to fill them up I put peanuts in the big ones and mixed seeds in the smaller ones and sprinkle some sunflower seeds on the bird table .

coastal walk

i have just come back from cornwall and we have been on lots of walks near the
coast and have seen lots of animals such as :Garfish dead/Garfish alive. we also went in my Grandpa's boat on a river trip and we saw :egrets, mallard ducks and seagulls. Amazingly we saw a school of fish . Type your text here...

planting a meadow

in june I planted a mini meadow with the bee and butterfly friendly seeds that I got with the 30 days wild pack (from wildlife trust).
I planted them near a budliea bush so lots of butterflies would be attracted.

the goose

I wrote a poem about migrating geese, here it is:

After the day is over, crisp orange sky
Now it's my turn to lead, do I know the way?
Gliding through the air over snowy mountains, stormy seas
How far are we going? do we know where?
I am oh so tired, will I survive?
Now the rain is getting heavier, when is it going to cease?
My wings are aching, my ears can't stand the screeching
There goes one and there goes another,
There won't be many of us left soon,
I am keeping up my tears, so many geese have died,
It's finally getting warmer, I can see food everywhere,
It's so beautiful I am so happy to finally get here.

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