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Mullein Moths

In our garden we have a buddleia and not that long ago we found out that there were caterpillars living and eating on it , they are called Mullein caterpillars once they have fed for thirty days they make a cocoon in the soil. They stay under ground for up to four years.Then they emerge as a Mullein moth which looks like a piece of wood.

did some composting .

In are garden we have a compost heap we put all the scraps of food in it unless there are scraps that can go to the guineapigs or tortoises

grew vegetables

I grew some lettuce in a green house at my granny's it was really fun I especially enjoyed watching them grow . I also washed them and ate them they were delicious . I have also helped pick tomatoes and beans with my Granny it was fun .

putting up bird feeders

I always put up bird feeders in my Granny's garden though I can't put any in my garden because it will etract rats and mice and they would start eating my guinea pigs food .In my Granny's garden it takes quite a bit of time because I need to climb a tree which has the bird feeders in it .My Granny puts the bird feeders in the tree so that the birds can hide at the same time as eating . When I feed the birds i have to climb the tree and get the bird feeders down as soon as I do that, the birds start tweeting . Then I have to fill them up I put peanuts in the big ones and mixed seeds in the smaller ones and sprinkle some sunflower seeds on the bird table .

coastal walk

i have just come back from cornwall and we have been on lots of walks near the
coast and have seen lots of animals such as :Garfish dead/Garfish alive. we also went in my Grandpa's boat on a river trip and we saw :egrets, mallard ducks and seagulls. Amazingly we saw a school of fish . Type your text here...

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