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We saw bats flying around a tree in our garden, dipping and gliding and chasing bugs...

Honey bees

I saw inside a living honey bee hive yesterday, and saw the queen bee; her abdomen was much less stripey than all the worker bees!

Canadian wildlife!

I was in Toronto in Canada for a holiday Dad won this summer, and I saw lots of BLACK squirrels! Also I saw Chipmunks, a green grass snake quickly weaving across the path, , kittiwakes, gulls, and lots of Canada geese!

Camley street again!

I spent another hour pond dipping yesterday. I found mayfly nymphs, damselfly nymph, whirligig beetles, bloodworm, glassworms, a leech, a pond snail, the shell from a freshwater clam, loads of Daphnia, and a water hoglouse!
I then did a tree hunt and some leaf rubbings, and saw a heron fall into the canal-it slipped as it entails to catch a fish!- before going home. It was a busy afternoon!

White conkers!

While I was in Regent's Park I found some conkers that had fallen off the tree early. I cracked 3 open. 1 had a tiny 1cm conker inside. The other 2 had white conkers inside! I have never seen that before!

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