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IT HAS SNOWED! this is the second time i've seen some and the birds sounds beautiful when it does happen. does anybody know how to finish your profile

big garden bird watch

in the big garden bird watch we saw 13 species of birds including a chaffinch a gold finch and a bullfinch.

feeders and school

we have had to fill are feeders again! We also saw a gold-crest, if you don't know it is the smallest bird in Europe! My school is currently taking part with surfers against sewage and as a green ambassador i have had an idea that in the morning a class goes to the beach and comes back with solid but not soggy plastic then dry and clean the plastic. in the afternoon, we make pictures of inspiring art and then take it home or put on the school website and news l can letter to inspire people to do what they can for the countless animals that need the help.


today we saw a gold-crest which is the smallest bird in Europe. we have seen 12 species of birds in the great garden bird watch and we all got are first sticker stamps for our hedgehog award!


so excited today as we are doing the big garden bird watch trying tosee how many are on the feeders and going to the beach clean in mullion where get to make the rubbish into art.

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