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Spotting Sheets By Other Users

On this page you'll find links spotting sheets that other users have crested. Click on the user's name to visit their profile page or the thumbnail to view and print the spotting sheet.


Creeping Buttercup

Hazlehead by Ravenex

Creeping Buttercup, Lesser Celandine, Stinging Nettle, Garlic Mustard, Bramble, Ivy, Cow Parsley, Foxglove, Daisy View and print

Red Fox

water,woodland and garden animals by Crane_igru

Red Fox, Red Deer, Grey Squirrel, Canada Goose, Egyptian Goose, Gadwall, Daisy, Oxeye Daisy, Molehill View and print


Things to look out for at Thursley by Seal_alos

Kestrel, Hobby, Palmate Newt, Common Lizard, Black Darter, Raft Spider, Round-leaved Sundew, Common Cotton-grass, Sphagnum Moss View and print

Emerald Damselfly

Damselflies and Dragonflies at Thursley by Seal_alos

Emerald Damselfly, Large Red Damselfly, Common Blue Damselfly, Blue-tailed Damselfly, Southern Hawker, Emperor Dragonfly, Four-spotted Chaser, Black-tailed Skimmer, Common Darter View and print

Grey Squirrel

TechnipFMC Dunfermline - June 2017 by North_ita

Grey Squirrel, Rabbit, Herring Gull, Woodpigeon, Swallow, Pied Wagtail, Blackbird, Jackdaw, Red-tailed Bumblebee View and print


Brandon Hill Summer Scavenger Hunt by Grebuva

Elder, English Oak, Common Hawthorn, Red Campion, Ivy, Oxeye Daisy, Dandelion, Cock's-foot, Yorkshire Fog View and print

Brown Hare

the secret garden spotters by Mallard_is

Brown Hare, Canada Goose, Blackbird, Blue Tit, Black Garden Ant, 7-spot Ladybird, a harvestman, Bluebell, Bracken View and print

Smooth Newt

Pondlife by Dunnoc_egus

Smooth Newt, Azure Damselfly, Common Blue Damselfly, Water Measurer, Pond skater View and print


What wildlife can you see? by Mew_onis

Hedgehog, Roe Deer, Brown Hare, Mute Swan, Mallard, Kestrel, Moorhen, Coot, Common Frog View and print

Brown Hare

Test sheet by Mew_onis

Brown Hare, Grey Heron, Moorhen View and print