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Spotting Sheets By Other Users

On this page you'll find links spotting sheets that other users have crested. Click on the user's name to visit their profile page or the thumbnail to view and print the spotting sheet.


Red Fox

West Kent challenges you.... by Spear_ilis

Red Fox, Fallow Deer, Robin, Common Green Grasshopper, 7-spot Ladybird, Garden Spider, Common Holly, Stinging Nettle, Bluebell View and print


Autumn at Hauxley by Scot_wing

Stoat, Red Squirrel, Oystercatcher, Lapwing, Curlew, Tree Sparrow, Sea Buckthorn, Rowan, Teasel View and print

Common Shrew

Indigenous British wildlife species by Shell_ita

Common Shrew, Bank Vole, Collared Dove, Blackbird, Blue Tit, Great Crested Newt, Common Frog, Minnow, a snake millipede View and print


Spotting Sheet by Razor_igus

Hedgehog, Noctule Bat, Red Fox, Badger, Otter, Roe Deer, Grey Squirrel, Red Squirrel, Common Dormouse View and print

Red Kite

More animal sightings by Turtle_itas

Red Kite, Pheasant, Puffin, Barn Owl, Robin, Blackbird, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Magpie View and print


Ladybelt Park - Sheet One by Quail_ulla

Buzzard, Barn Owl, Carrion Crow, Common Blue, Comma, Gatekeeper, Buddleia, Bramble, Bee Orchid View and print

Red Fox

Milly's Animal Sightings by Turtle_itas

Red Fox, Badger, Red Deer, Grey Squirrel, Red Squirrel, Brown Hare, Mountain Hare, Rabbit, Common Frog View and print

Common Pipistrelle

my animal spottings by Turtle_itas

Common Pipistrelle, Badger View and print


Hill Top finds by Longear_inus

Mole, Brown Rat, Rabbit, Gorse, Elder, Silver Birch, Rowan, Bracken, Sphagnum Moss View and print

Common Pipistrelle

Bats by Spotty_asis

Common Pipistrelle, Noctule Bat, Brown Long-eared Bat View and print