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Spotting Sheets By Other Users

On this page you'll find links spotting sheets that other users have crested. Click on the user's name to visit their profile page or the thumbnail to view and print the spotting sheet.


Little Egret

Wading Birds in Devon by Bug_ugri

Little Egret, Mute Swan, Pintail, Wigeon, Teal, Tufted Duck, Oystercatcher, Avocet, Dipper View and print


random by Ruddy_ules

Adder, a caddis fly, 2-spot Ladybird, 7-spot Ladybird, 14-spot Ladybird, 22-spot Ladybird, a snake millipede, a harvestman, Adder's-tongue View and print

2-spot Ladybird

ladybird by Ruddy_ules

2-spot Ladybird, 7-spot Ladybird, 14-spot Ladybird, 22-spot Ladybird View and print

Small Skipper

b u tt er f l y by Ruddy_ules

Small Skipper, Large Skipper, Clouded Yellow, Brimstone, Large White, Small White, Green-veined White, Orange-tip, Green Hairstreak View and print

Grey Seal

marine by Ruddy_ules

Grey Seal, Common Seal, Bottle-nosed Dolphin, Harbour Porpoise, Common dolphin, Orca, Common Cuttlefish, Goose Barnacle, Common Lobster View and print

Slavonian Grebe

bird by Ruddy_ules

Slavonian Grebe, Little Grebe, Fulmar, Waxwing, Dunnock, Robin, Nightingale, Wheatear, Song Thrush View and print


small by Ruddy_ules

Wren, Robin, Goldcrest, Swallowtail, Black Garden Ant, 2-spot Ladybird, 7-spot Ladybird, 14-spot Ladybird, 22-spot Ladybird View and print

Common Poppy

Flowers by Northis

Common Poppy, White Clover, Red Clover, Ivy, Primrose, Daisy, Dandelion, Bluebell, Snowdrop View and print

Little Egret

Taunton Birds by Mallard_ogus

Little Egret, Mute Swan, Mallard, Moorhen, Herring Gull, Feral Pigeon, Kingfisher, Pied Wagtail, Grey Wagtail View and print

Common Dormouse

benjamins spotted by Greatalus

Common Dormouse, Whooper Swan, White-fronted Goose, Canada Goose, Great Crested Newt, Common Frog, Peacock, Azure Damselfly, Common Blue Damselfly View and print