Name: Perch

Scientific name: Perca fluviatilis

Category: Fish

Nature Stars: 60

What are nature stars?

About: A medium sized fish, up to 40cm long. A 'high' fish, with a characteristic humped shape. A predator, Perch feed on invertebrates, crayfish and other fish. Lives in large ponds, lakes, reservoirs and lowland rivers.

How to identify: A greenish fish with dark tiger stripes, a large spiny dorsal fin and red pectoral and anal fins and tail.

Where: Found throughout the country, although rarer in north of Scotland.

Natural Superpowers

  • Predator: 80
  • Agility: 60
  • Rarity: 50
  • Cute factor: 20
  • Traveller: 50

Fantastic fact: Females may lay up to 300,000 eggs, in long threads which they twist around plants, twigs and stones.

Photograph credit: Michel Roggo/naturepl

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    • Date: 2009-10-21 20:33:10
    • Oysterasis

    I caught one of these while fishing with scouts. I then put him back in